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New To Airsoft Need Kit help

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Hello i just played my first airsoft game on Saturday and looking at playing another on next Sunday i am noticing that i need to carry more mags and am looking at getting something like a chest rig as plate carriers look like a bib for me a bit about my self 6.1 and big i have not had any physical activity's in about 4 years due to some bad health now i am ready to get back into relative shape looking for stuff that would fit 50 waist and 4xl chest so any suggestions would be grate at the game i got told bye a couple of people bigger then me that they got there stuff of amazon but cant remember the names they game me and cant find anything more then 2xl.

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There are options out there (we all have opinions on them) and you may want to consider getting a chest rig, i.e. http://www.uktactical.com/search.aspx?SearchTerm=chest+rig. These should have plenty of adjustment to get the correct fit


A more radical idea is using a 'grab / bail out' bag, a small bag with mag pockets and internal compartments for other kit, i.e. https://www.nightgear.co.uk/en-UK/511-Tactical-Bail-Out-Bag/540645ng.htm?colour=Black

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