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Weapon selection for a youtube short


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  1. 1. Weapon Choices

    • 2x Galil ICAR-MRS, 1x Galil ARM, 1x AA12
    • 2x KA P90, 1x Galil ARM, 1x AA12
    • other, list below

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Currently in the process of making a couple of youtube shorts, near future WW3 sort of thing, and I was thinking what sort of weaponry people would recommend, I've currently got a KA P90, Galil ARM and soon to have an AA12 for personal use.

Now I kind of want something slightly more interesting than the classic M16 AK47 combo, so I was thinking of using the Galil ARM with my C-MAG as an LSW, the AA12 as it seems everyone recognises engineers as having shotguns, now the main weapon is something I'm a bit stuck on, first thought is just buying a second KA P90, but then I thought everyone is just going to think Stargate SG-1, and even though I agree that the weapon is a good platform, I'm kind of thinking about holding back to use the P90 for what it was designed for (IE PDW for vehicle crews) and using something else.


Keeping continuity with the Galil I thought the ICAR-MRS (http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-metal-galil-icarmrs-airsoft-gun-aeg) looks quite interesting/futuristic, and being relatively unknown, as in the average movie goer is unlikely to ever recognise it, throw on a spectre dr and a foregrip/AFG and bobs your uncle.


Or get hold a second KA P90 and just stick on a Red-dot and flashlight and there you go.


I know reading this I sound like I've made up my mind, but I'm really looking for confirmation, or if someone has a better idea I would really appreciate the thought.

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Who is the target audience?


I would say only use the p90 if the target audience does not include people who watch scifi, SyFy use them in a lot of productions.

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