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Cutting down Springs

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Can anyone give me some advice on cutting springs down.


I was advised by airspftsniperparts.com, that I need to cut a coil down from my spring to reduce it by 20fps to make it site safe/legal.


I've cut a spring down before but couldn't find a way to flatten the coil properly. I used a tool similar to a dremel to do this, but I couldn't get the next coil to go flat and give a 360 degree surface.


This is for a 140 spring I think, from a Well MB01


any feed back welcome.

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It's a lazy way of doing the job that can have adverse effects on the consistency and lifetime of the spring, but some of the time (or in an absolute pinch) it's fine. If possible just get a properly rated spring - the issue you've had is another reason I'd not clip the spring.


X-fire.org have the PDI springs that'll get you to where you need to be (also look in the UK too though as VAT and that handling charge can be a killer on cheaper items like this, and it may be cheaper just to get it here) - maybe buy a range that'll give you flexibility to go from 450 to 500. They're £8, but are a pretty vital component and will hold their value if you want to sell them on if they're the wrong strength.


Didn't Darren from ASPUK leave or something? I thought he had most of the knowledge there and essentially ran it by himself. Now they sell very overpriced parts sourced from mainland Europe, like Airsoft Pro.




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If you still want to cut it down, once you have trimmed off the coil, heat the end of the spring over a gas hob and then when red hot flatten it in a baking tray then quench it in cold water.

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