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WE GBB M4 triggers

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I'm just wondering if anyone could offer some advice. I've read that the Stock triggers are made from something akin to a hard cheese a few times, but mines has fired around 6k bbs and only just started double firing. Is it worth to replace it with another Stock unit? Or go steel? My understanding is that steel will increase wear on other parts, causing them to wear out faster and need replaced


Thank you

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It depends really. I have a friend who has one and would upgrade something when it breaks. It was quite comical because after he upgraded one thing it was like a chain reaction and every other game day broke something else and carried on upgrading. But he began with the bolt I believe. The main component since it affects everything internally wise.


I don't think upgrading to a steel hammer will be a problem. Might just wear the bolt on the point of contact a bit quicker (an unavoidable thing to happen anyway)

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