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Alright dudes I'm Ben just joined. Played airsoft years ago had a TM M4A1 with G&P grenade launcher. Use to play at Cobham. Just starting up again Apocalypse is my local site but will obviously be venturing out to other sites. Once I've got my ukara sorted I'll be getting a GHK M4 GBB been looking at so many reviews on YouTube was originally going to go for a WE M4 until I came on here and people said about GHK looked it up and that was it I was sold. Will also need a 1911 pistol but still unsure what one to get its gotta be full metal and ideally current gen tactical style with rail. I've got a list of stuff I want already and obviously need to buy full kit aswell so bank will be getting a hammering over the next couple of months but can't wait to start playing and meeting some like minded folks and making some new pals in the process. Thanks for all the advice so far it's a great forum.

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Hello mate I thought I'd actually do a proper hellooo post lol.

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