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Landwarrior, Edinburgh

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I visited the site for the first time on Sunday. Just going to give my opinion of the site.



The site is about 15-20mins from Edinburgh near gorebridge. I found it a bit of a pain to find because the signal on my phone kept going causing my maps to stop working. The site is about 1/4 mile up a dirt track if you like your car park elsewhere. Got to the site around 9.30 signed in and had a 10min wait before yhe safety briefing. Usual terrible jokes used throughout.site limits for full auto is 375fps so slightly higher than normal and 500fps for single shot. The first game was for yellows to find 14bombs around the site. Tbh the games throughout the day felt more for CQB than woodland but dragged on a while. I got bored around lunchtime and was ready to go but thought I would see if things improved. Sadly they never the games still felt boring and forced. I spoke to the cameraman who said its new owners so they are still seeing what works sadly the game modes on this day never as it was mostly capture a bomb. The GameZone is not as big as I thought under half the size I'm used to and the trees are very thick so very limited use if you like to be a sniper(you have to play at the site 3 times to play as a sniper) most action was close -25M anything over you just hit trees. The site has a few bases which are not bad but again the thickness of the trees slow everything down. I never spoke to the staff apart from the cameraman who was sound. Some played in the afternoon session and one of them was a bitch about getting shot on full auto. One thing that stands out is a guy running about with only prescription glasses on for most of the morning.players on both sides were not calling hits and there was a bit of a argument about it. I spoke with a couple of guys who were nice but there were alot of guys who thought they were spec ops I'll score the different things out of 10 because I'm tired and I waffle.


Location 4/10, a decent road to the site would improve it alot, Maybe a few signs leading to the site as well they do have one at the bottom of the dirt track but its a fair distance from the main road.


Site facilities. 5/10, a small safe zone that offers some shelter but no food onsite and no porta-loo.


Staff. 3/10. Would be a 0 but the cameraman was sound, A few issues regarding safety like the guy without eye pro and someone sprayed a few guys on full auto next to the safe zone. Also the cheating was horrendous and the Marshall's never done much about it.


Game zone 6/10. Not suited to the games that were being played, If they played slow game modes it might work better. They have decent enough bases and barricades around the site.


Regular players. 1/10

Spoke to a few guys that were nice enough were there for fun and played properly. But had 1 keep shooting me after I called my hit stand up and turn, some players were just cunts and took the game far to seriously.


Value for money. 3/10.

I was ready to leave after 2 hours which I've never done before. It's £20 for green fees and I think it's more than double what it's worth.


Overall a rubbish day at a poor site that I will not return to.

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