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G&G AEG CM18 MOD1 Battery change

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Hey guys, Been out of the game for a long time.


Recently bought G&G AEG CM18 MOD1 and came with a 8.4 1600mah battery. If i swap it out for a 9.6V 1600mah, would this increase the FPS or just the RPM of the motor? Main reason for changing is i am always a bit cautious of included battery's and want a more "reputable" one


Thanks for your patience





EDIT: something like this 9.6V NiMH 1600mAh

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BTW G&G's don't normally come with battery

But yes they can be bought as an extra


Lipo's are better even 7.4v


Don't go mega nutz on the juice

A MOSFET stops trigger contacts burning or arcing out.


Good gun but G&G motors are a bit sluggish.

7.4v lipo and SHS neodym is a good upgrade

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