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Upgrading a Galaxy MP5K

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I got my hands on a stock galaxy G5 (mp5k pdw).

Someone who has experiences with this one?


I'm now looking to upgrade it.

Is there something i may not forget to upgrade?

I planned to rewire it and make it able to take 2s lipo's with deans connectors. (mosfet needed or not?)

Since I have a spare silencer i can upgrade the barrel to a more accurate one and a longer one.

I want 360fps (or a little less) at 20 rps!

other hop up?

what do you guys suggest?


kind regards

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heard that they are not great quality. so if you want a high ROF then you might need to upgrade the whole gearbox to avoid breakage.

It sounds to me like you want a rather good gun - in that case its probably better to base your project on a gun that is good to being with (such as the CA B&T mp5k).

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The gearbox is cheapy weird one...
The piston runners/guides only went halfway back if that
Pretty sure the hole for AK fire selector linkage wasn't threaded - yes I know you don't need it in mp5k or G36 but just saying it ain't gonna be used inside an cheap AK as a backup box....
Think it was the piston guided being so short that shocked me the most - wtf ???

The nozzles on mp5k's vary a bit think cyma mp5k's are shorter but as luck would have it think clandestine airsoft said a SHS m4 nozzle is about the right length BUT the mofo hop unit is a bit tight to allow the SHS m4 nozzle to enter it so a small widening of hop unit is needed or sanding the nozzle itself on the wider "ridge" then it enters the hop unit and seals OK.

6mm bushings in box, and not the best quiet gears, I put some spare G&G gears in one of mine coz it sounded mega rough.

If it is the mp5k it has the 110 barrel and that finishes flush at front
If it is the mp5m with adjustable stock or the folding stock pdw it will have the 140mm barrel in and the snout at front.
If it has the snout then it should have a 140mm barrel & ccw thread on snout.
If it finishes flush you will need an adapter cw-ccw I think for about £7:50 to then pop on "normal" stuff or extend barrel blah blah blah.....

On top of that the hop may be unique or another hop "may" need slight altering as nozzle is longer on galaxy than say cyma mp5k's though don't quote this as gospel as I have kept stock hop unit.

The poxy tight battery problem is a pain with many mp5k's a number of batteries can be tight fit and limit your options plus on the mofo mp5m with ris it has to unscrew to fit battery -jeeeez what a pain
You could maybe wire it so the battery connectors are at back of gearbox but there is very very little room at rear of gun and think if doing this the best compact connectors to use would be mini deans which take up very little space compared to small tamiya or regular deans

As two_zero says, it is a cheap qwirky gun and think it has its limits like many cheap n cheerful guns.
Not one to upgrade loads, you will change so much and still just a Galaxy mp5k that even going nutz is never gonna dominate at range - them titchy guns will always have wider groupings coz they are designed for cqb or sniper backup etc....

Phew - use it with maybe a few tweaks for what it is but keep in mind it has its limits compared to better brands
Unless you really enjoy a challenge

Think a service, neo motor and maybe a fet but room is tight - best look carefully at rewire options like fet by hop and tiny mini deans by rear of box - still a bit of work.
But that would be about the Max I'd take it tbh

Ps the trigger pull length is enormous ffs - jeez some trigger modding required on that v3.

Yeah have a big rethink and at most just a few minor tweaks but no crazy time or money should be spent imho

Give a sec and no doubt somebody will chime in with a hpa mod but me - ergh nah I'd get a G3 95 or something




Mine might have been 6mm metal bushings in later guns but they may have used plastic bushings in earlier guns

(can't remember off top of my head but a stock pic I grabbed to show such short piston guides - bloody short guides)

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The stock motor is very weak.

I might have plastic bushings. Maybe the new ones still have plastic bushings. I don't remember.

If you want longer barrel, don't get an mp5k. Trade it with an m4 or something. The only reason to get an mp5k is the size. With it's short barrel it is still very usable on 50m.

Replace the hopup rubber with some good quality one.

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The only reason to get an mp5k is the size




unless op just have a thing for mp5ks with massive suppressors?

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unless op just have a thing for mp5ks with massive suppressors?


Just looks so wrong mp5k's & FireHawks with stfu suppressors sticking out

get a gun with a good starting point barrel to begin with imho...


G3 SAS has a 230mm barrel like a short raider - v2 box with own pistol grip

(trying to get bevel-pinion on a v2 mp5 can be a little tricky)

though I do like the look of a slightly longer ris with a short stubby suppressor partly sticking out

instead of a rail - long outer barrel showing with suppressor at the end

but that is just my personal look. I like it looking like a tightly fitted compactly designed gun

but to each their own and all that


but don't go nutz on a Galaxy mp5 upgrade project imho

they are like many cheap starter guns

don't get me wrong they are not complete $hite

but like many £100 guns says SRC M4's, you soon realise you might have been better saving up a bit more for a better base gun

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