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I've recently have had a few problems with my m16 originally it wasn't making a noise but now I've swapped the fuse it's making a horrible screeching sound, I have no idea how to fix it so please help haha ! Il try and post a video to it ! https://www.dropbox.com/l/s/VDRCw38CE0kjwGquqhxARo

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Adjust motor height a little


Small Allen key under pistol grip


But turn clockwise say 1/2 a turn at a time

Should only need a full turn Max


What concerns me is if something broke causing a lockup to blow fuse. And/or some teeth chipped off.


The pistol grip could have worked loose or motor plate in grip loosened causing motor height to drop

But there is a chance something else may have crapped out.


Your gun ain't turning over and them gears ain't meshing right. Don't keep doing that coz you will just mess up bevel & pinion gears. Turn Allen key clockwise say 1/2 a turn and see if she cycles and shuts up

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It was working then it started making the noise again I think it may need a motor replacement or there is further internal damage :(

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