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Honest opinions - TM M870

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I'm seriously considering selling a gun and getting a full length TM M870 gas gun.

I love(d) my £40 DE Tri shot until it broke, stock just shered and fell off, still shoots great. I enjoyed playing shoty, I didn't feel handicapped with trishot, well no more than the G5, but the cheep plastic and "stigma" we're some things I didn't like.

Now the TM isnt hugely expensive it seems, but is it really worth getting over another cheeper DE or the metal cyma?


I have read a lot about leaking resevrois and the general consensus is out about its ability to handle propane, but what other flaws do they have, what other issues may I face?


What's the sound like? Does it sound like a fly farting or is there a decent crack like a spring shotgun? Is there any recoil?


So all in all Honest review from those that have used and lived with them? Pound for pound, Worth it?

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They're very unique - I quite like mine. I have three grips though (and they're big ones):

  • It leaks - the stock reservoirs leak, the internals leak at times. It really can be a bit of a bitch at times
  • The loading arms are terrible and will break at some point (upgrading to the Wiitech ones isn't too much money though)
  • It feels a bit flimsy and does bend a little after time. It's all plastic, so this can be expected but I get the feeling like if I fell on it it would just break in two immediately

All in all they're quite unique and certainly novel for CQB. It doesn't feel like cheap plastic though, that's for sure - the receiver is full metal for one. Skirmish-wise it's much more competitive then a springer - 3/6 shot modes, decent Marui hop (though fixed), quicker and easier operation than a springer.


Buy some re-enforced reservoirs or HPA tap it though.

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yup great gun.


I used it at UCAP Wing last week and had a blast. Running it stock apart from some external mods is all you need for CQB. There is a possibility that the mags can swell after a while and out of the 3 mags I have there is a little swelling on 1 but it still functions and there are mods out there to make it work again if it goes completely knackered. There are also some CNC mag shells now which will not swell. They are slightly more pricy than the TM mags but you only need to buy them if you are really worried about the mags.


I use either this gas or this gas and have no problems.


There are internal parts that you can swap if you want and I have a load of them here but I'll only start replacing things if they go wrong. I bought the spares with the intention of upgrading but I found that the TM shottie working very well without anything needing doing to it.


you get a nice clack when you chamber it and it doesn't sound too bad when it fires. You get the option for 3 or 6 BB's at once and I usually use the 3 option as I'd be swapping shells every 2 seconds on the 6 BB option.


If you buy one here's my recommendations:


buy plenty of shells (the cheap clone ones work in it)

get a front sling loop/RIS rail. G&P make one for the TM and you'll need it for a sling and flash light if you play at dark sites.

leave a little gas in the mag after a day out. This will prolong the o rings.


A company called blackcat do replacement springs/o rings etc for the TM 870 and are cheap so if you are worried about problems buy some just in case.


And lastly here's how my 2 are set up (seocnd bottom on the left and the breacher)


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I loved mine, the noise alone when racking the slide was enough.


That said, they do have issues, the tanks leak eventually; mine took about 2 months of regular use to develop a slow leak that I fixed with a bolt through the middle pin hole. The plastics aren't brilliant, they're not awful either though, as Proffrink said though- do not fall over on it! Loading arms as mentioned have been known to be a weak point, though mine personally didn't fail.


the 3/6 shot switch is a nice gimmick, I left mine in 3 shot mode most of the time for the better gas efficiency and 10 shots per shell rather than 5. the ability to slam fire a SHITLOAD of BBs very rapidly scares the crap out of people too.


I sold mine because I just don't play enough CQB to get the full benefit of it, but if I had a decent regular CQB site I'd pick another one up without hesitation.

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Other then leaky tanks etc which is easily fixed etc (lots of info on the Facebook owners page)


your cocking arm will thank you!! :)


Also mine didn't like any other shells but TM ones :(

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