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Hi all,


completely new to airsoft, only played once before at ZED the mall, been spending ages trying to get a load out together.


anyone use a vest from eBay found one I am thinking about getting, don't want to spend to much just yet.

EBay item number:281743906702 (sorry can copy and paste the ling)


Any advice would greatly appreciated






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Hi ak2m4, tried to keep my costs down but end up spending near 300quid this what I went with in the end:


Zero one AIrsoft:

G&G CM16 Raider two toned (until I get my UKARA number then will be sparyed black)

Zero ONe Fast/ TRickle charge

Zero one 8.4v High performance battery

TMC Stirke Mask Black

ZCA AEG mag for M4 300 rounds



Bolle Tracker safety googles

Full finger light gloves with knuckle protection



SIngle point bungee harness

Black airsoft tactical Molle Tatical vest (item number up top)



Hopefully this will all be here in the next few weeks, ready for me to rock up at my first game using my own kit

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