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Hey folks!

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Hi folks!


Not much that I can think to say here really.


I've skirmished on and off since I was about 14, before finally giving up the ghost just before the RIF ban; I'm slowly getting back into the sport.


Currently residing in Coventry, playing at Gunman Midlands. Local to Lincolnshire where I play at Urban Assault (Peterborough) and Lindsey Airsoft.


I've used MOST variants of AEG, from AK to Armalite to 249, G36 etc but I'm a hardcore AK fan. I have come to accept that the AK is the perfect AEG for me and can proudly say that I am responsible for doing some terrible terrible things to a couple throughout the years.


Not much else to cover, so thanks for reading my little intro, and I hope I can put my knowledge to use round here!


Cheers! :D

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