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Mr Monkey Nuts

(More) Holster problems

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I finally found some holsters I like and work well with my TM Glock, the WAS universal and a modified Chinese clone. Great, only took 18 months.


Then I decided all opor8rz need a torch on their pistol, (research shows it makes the bbs shoot 33.3% further after all)

So a spontaneous trip to Patrol Base and I come home with a spanking Nuprol NX200 lamp. Now my pistol won't fit in any of my favoured holsters.

It will fit in my Fobus 21+torch holster, but its paddle and I want it on my belt, cus opor8rz.


What are my options? I looked into kydex but cant find anyone offering an attachment for a nx200, only a nx300 which is slightly different shaped head.

Any good custom kydex makers or is there an off the shelf alternative?


My main option currently is an SR25 Ten speed pouch, which is less than ideal.


Much love, Mr Monkey xx

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First thread I came accross that may help http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/29013-kydex-holster-made-in-the-eu-free-shipping-to-uk/?hl=kydex


I have a viper adjustable holster for my Mk23, only just works with the pistol torch attached.

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Ok so it turns out Nuprol being WE, being useless, clones the Surefire X300 and called it the X200. The SF X300 Ultra, and called it just the X300.

So Phoenix do indeed make a holster I need after all. Great sucess!


My last Glock clip didn't fit my TM, how do you mod it to work? the tolerances were just too tight for it to fit properly, even after reheating and moulding.


Anyone ever had experience of modding a fobus paddle to molle?

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