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Airborne Airsoft Total War milsim series

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a call to arms for anyone who fancies a misim at Longmoor in Surrey:


Op Integrate run by the great buys of Airborne Airsoft



Venue: Longmoor UTC
Date: 13/2/16
Timings: 0800 - 1600
Mission: Total War Milsim Campaign 1 day deployment.
Forces: NATO vs Vendetta - Choose your side!

We recommend you book during the advanced booking period to save yourselves some money. The prices are as follows:

Advanced booking - £50
Normal booking - £55
Walk on the day - £60
Hire kit - £20 book in advance to secure

Intel and missions will be released within the next week or so. Only people that book via http://www.airborne-airsoft.co.uk/Special-Events.php will be emailed the intel username and password when its released.

Strict uniform requirements are in operation and only mid or low cap mags can be used.

Vendetta - ANYTHING OTHER THAN MULTICAM. Rigs and vests may be of any colour for either team.

Please please please don't contact me and ask if you can go Vendetta and still wear Multicam as the answer is no.

We are going to trial a 'dead rag' system in addition to our medic rule so come prepared - you will require a red 'dead rag of at least 10" x 10" which is to be displayed at all times whilst you are out of play. We will not be supplying dead rags so come prepared.

You will also need some kind of personal field dressing to be used for the medic rule. Medics may carry more than one. Full rules will be released with the intel.

Camping is available the day before the Op at our Fleming Lines woodland site which is literally 30 seconds from Longmoor camp for £10 per person.

I look forwards to seeing you all on the field of battle!





Initial Intel

With the recent destruction of the Bramley Uranium mining facility and successful Vendetta uprising in Longdon, NATO has withdrawn to lick their wounds. CHIS sources have reported that the previously disgraced NATO ‘Black Shirts’ of the Securitate have been reinstated and called in to wrest control of Longdon from rebel hands.

With Vendetta under the command of the shady Vince Vendetta in possession of the garrison of Longdon City, and the dust still settling from the destruction of Bramley, NATO are rumoured to have called in some new leadership, in the form of former Spetznaz Commander, Colonel Dmitri Benderova. His reputation precedes him, and he is renowned to be ruthlessly efficient and devoid of mercy, and also the creator of the feared Black Shirt movement.

Intel suggests that NATO are planning to resort to draconian methods to rebuild Bramley to get it operational again and are planning to instigate forced labour at a concentration camp being established at Bramley. It’s rumoured that the civilian population, believed to have been responsible for harbouring vendetta operators will be targeted and ‘resettled’ from Longdon to Bramley to ‘assist’ with reconstruction. The last time workers were resettled; they never returned home or were seen again......



NATO team needs your help:



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Quite a few of these games ago Vendetta via Templar Mike were looking for players on these forums. I joined as a result of that advertisement by a fellow player and booked my travel and hotels. Then about 2 weeks before the game the leadership of the team fell apart and started saying they couldn't make it and the team just kind of crumbled away. In the end I had a go or no go moment about 3 days before the event after which I couldn't cancel hotel/travel and in the end pulled out as the team was in disarray. I ended up loosing deposits for a bundle of things but figured I was better off than having bad weekend with an outnumbered team and no leadership for what is a regular every month game.


I have no idea how it usually goes or what the game is like since I haven't gone back, I just know not to trust team Vendetta's leadership to turn up and the last drive they had for players obviously went pretty badly for me. I wouldn't thus join or recommend team Vendetta for obvious reasons. Hopefully they have sorted themselves out by now but I vowed back then to at least tell people this happened the next time they advertised in the forums so there were consequences to recommending a game they abandoned.

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