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Lonex A2 RPM and rounds per second

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For about a year I have been using an ASG U30000 (so 30k rpm) torque motor in my Tar 21. It improved trigger response due to the way the blowback works on the Tar and delivered about 13 rounds per second or so, a realistic rate of fire which is about where I wanted at the time (and about the same as stock just snappier). Unfortunately I abused it on a event where it got very wet and clearly didn't dry that bit properly and it sat there wet. One of the motor contacts rusted off when I was doing some maintenance work.


I took the gun apart and in the process found my piston moderately damaged, presumably from the higher torque of the upgrade motor (the piston and head also upgrades). The teeth damaged were mid way up the piston and I specifically bought a plastic piston so the gearbox had a place to fail so that wasn't too terrible but a little unexpected. So I bought a new piston for it as well as the motor.


I also decided along with the motor and the piston replacement having played with the Krytac SQR to replace the slightly worn S&T gears with some moderate 16:1 again from Lonex. Nothing crazy but with the torque motor compared to stock it should increase the trigger response a little bit more and speed it up 10% or so, still in "realistic" rates of fire compare to steel. But I have miscalculated. The replacement motor is a Lonex A2 and it says on the packet its a 40k-45k motor. I wasn't expecting anything remotely that high so I am a tad concerned that the combination of the two parts could put me in 22 rps territory (45k/30k * 18/16 = 1.7x) and I am a bit concerned about cycling a gun of this design that fast, the piston directly hinges onto the block back metal block and pushes it back and its probably the reason the piston got shredded. Doing that at near twice the speed sounds like a recipe for pieces. But my Krytac SPR runs at 22 rps and its great, I am just concerned that S&T don't exactly make the best gearbox! Its also done 50k rounds at this point.


I kind of need the gun repaired for the weekend, I have flaked on a friend because I broke the gun last weekend so I really want to get out this weekend. What are peoples thoughts on running it with the gears and motor? Should I just use the motor with the old S&T gears just to reduce the rate of fire a bit or am I better off with new solid ones? Not entire sure what to do with it at this point, I'll run it on a 7.4V lipo so lower voltage (the gun has no mosfet) but I am feeling the need to rewire a mosfet in at this point.

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TBH the 16:1 gears don't make that much difference...


Stock 18:1 are actually 18.65-18.75:1

16:1 gears are in fact around 17.25:1

So they are only about 8% quicker

Well in actual fact you may as well say 7%

As there is a slightly slightly slower start using higher speed gears - 12:1's are never a full 50% faster than stock on their own

So gears are finest 16:1


The main thing is just how much stronger the Lonex A2 is compared to which stock motor....


Eg: crappy basic G&G red ferrite vs ICS stock motor...

G&G does say 12-13, ICS seems to get near 15 rps


Some Neodym's vary a LOT too...

M140 motor is just stronger but not really much faster than a good stock ferrite -just capable of pulling higher springs.


Don't think the Lonex A2 is as mental as the A1 or A1 supreme but I ain't got Lonex motors myself

So can't confirm 101% I'm afraid


However you could go nutz with 16:1 MOSFET deans rewire and stick on a average ferrite

Keep Lonex for Krytac perhaps....


Doing some maths on a ferrite...


Stock 13rps on ferrite motor

Redo with 16:1 gets to 14

Redo further with deans n fet etc.. 16.25


Now if you get a figure on stock rps...

Multiply that figure by 1.25


So if so just shove in a Lonex A2

If that is like a SHS torque then expect a 1.33333 from motor alone

So placing motor gets you to 17.3333 then leave it

But tbh like I said see about a not too crazy neo or good ferrite then redo box with gears n fet


What might be worth a look is maybe try the A2 in Krytac

See which is more crazy....

Then take the slightly slower motor for ya rebuild

And ya Krytac has an upgraded motor too....


Hope some of this bollocks helps a little bit

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For all my fears of speed based on the specification when you get into the practical speed that the motor turns over inside this gun its achieving 13 rps! Its almost precisely the same as the ASG Ultimate U30000 before it and trigger response is basically identical. The blowback on this gun does make the motor have to work but I am impressed how much it hurts this motor. Well at least it is unlikely to rip my gearbox to shreds at that speed anyway.

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