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Upgrades Ares Amoeba AM013

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Hello all. I've got an the AM013, commonly known as the honey badger.

Im wanting to increase the range and was thinking about a new hop unit, but having done some reading, some say you can't replace the hop unit in these as it is built into the gearbox. Anyone got any knowledge of this? Also any other upgrades you can think of would be great.

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Cheers mate, I have been looking style pro win series. Can you recommend a hop rubber?

I put an m100 spring in it as stock was only at 270fps, would adding new hop and rubber increase fps? As it's firing at 345 on .2s which is a little close to site little, it's a new spring so it'll loosen up. Just don't wanna be going over, I'll be using. 25s next time but they adjust fps for weight

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