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Airsoft GBB & AEG Cleaning Kit

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Hi guys..

Looking for some advice,

I am wanting to put together a cleaning kit for my guns, for at home rather than on the field.


Ive had a look online and after coming across different opinions on the essentials of a kit etc,

I want to know what you all think,


All and any opinions are welcome :)


Just rather getting help from people in the know before going wasting money on things I don't necessarily need


Thanks in advance for youre help ! :)


Mr Mayhem

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My cleaning kit for rifles & pistols consist of


Silicone oil

Unjamming rod

Toothbrush (for cleaning out dirt where I can't get my fingers)

Small squares of blue Jay cloth (for the barrel)


Works for me but others may/will have a more comprehensive clean kit

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Above looks good, but don't clean with silicone in airsoft guns - clean with isopropyl alcohol (either buy a bottle or just some disposable wipes) then swab with silicone afterwards. Otherwise you can't realistically clean the hop (because you don't want silicone-based lube anywhere near your hop rubber), and that's one of the most important areas.


When only using silicone you might not notice an issue immediately, but over time it's going to build up in your barrel and will reach your hop rubber eventually - from there it's going to play hell with your accuracy and hop.


If you care enough then here's why: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/28054-cleaning-with-isopropyl-alcohol-vs-silicone/


Other than that, silicone is great for basically everything. Some people say lithium grease for AEGs and I prefer things like Froglube for metal-to-metal contact but ultimately silicone (be it high or low viscosity) works in 99% of applications so just stick with that. I have found the high viscosity dropper-bottles last longer on the parts as lower viscosity spray cans, but I just use each whenever it's convenient.

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