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adventairsoft. co.uk

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Hi all,


Has anyone used this company?


The site looks ok but they have no phone number.


I have done a search on here but found nothing.



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I have just looked at their website. Seems very basic and did not give me much confidence in them. Only had an email contact, no info about the retailer. I looked at a couple of pistols they were selling and there were little product detail, no mention of fps, etc. Personally I did not get a good feeling about it.


Used Google, one search at Scammer.com http://www.scamner.com/check/adventairsoft.co.uk gave it 0% and did not recommend browsing or buying from the site:


Information about this website

This website doesn't own an SSL Certificate, your data might be compromised.
Google has not reported this website as unsafe.
This website doesn't have too many visitors.
This website doesn't have any trust records. Might be a new website.

Safe browsing

This website might not be suitable for children. Read below.

Technical and contact information

This website was created 11 months ago (2015-01-30)


Scamadvisor http://www.scamadviser.com/is-adventairsoft.co.uk-a-fake-site.html lists site as in Republic of Ireland but real location hidden.

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Don't use 'scam checker' sites to check the legitimacy of websites as they're easy to fool and throw up a lot of false positives. Not having an SSL isn't a problem for a small retailer if they use PayPal - the website not having many visitors or trust records is down to how new it is. Masking the real location of a domain is also something that's frequently done otherwise it shows all of your personal information to anyone that does a who.is check.


The only way to test it is to give it a go. Use PayPal and you're protected. Don't enter credit card info over a page that doesn't have an SSL certificate (in fact, don't use credit/debit card at all with a company you're not sure about). But something not an RIF (so that PayPal's TOS covers the purchase if it goes wrong) and that isn't too big.

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Best thing to do is not use a seller without a proven track record, or if you do as above use Paypal. It is odd how some retailers now ONLY list Paypal as a payment option for RIFs.

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