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FireHawk suppressor?

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Hi guys, I'm a total noob when it comes to airsofting but my mates have got me into it and I love it. I just bought my first AEG, a G&G Firehawk M4 as I thought for entry level it would be reasonable. So far it's done well but Jeez is it ugly!

I'd love to get a short suppressor for it but being new I have no idea which ones would fit and where to get one from so if anyone could advise me it would be greatly appreciated!



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anyone will fit ccw - counter clock wise 14mm


the FH flash hider is friggin' loud - gets on ya nerves a bit all day long

(especially inside - and I reckon it very very easy for others to pinpoint exactly where you are in woodland)


wouldn't say it ugly - well if it is - then with the duck beak amplifier you could call it the ugly duckling

but seen much worse looking guns - but guess beauty is in the eye of the holder as they say

though I quite like 'em as it was my first RIF I bought

(please tell me you didn't get the HC05)


other noisy mofo's:




other options baby tiny 60mm suppresor though won't do much:




normally they are about 100mm to 150mm ish on that short front end

go nutz and it really looks silly with a 250mm one on there

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