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Scar L AEG / GBB / HPA

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Good evening guys !

hope this is in the right section as this falls into all of them really , I'm looking at getting a scar l always wanted one and it will go nicely with my load out this year , now iv seen a lot of hype over these SMP drop in kits to convert AEG's to hpa set up this interests me a lot however when then going to hpa id like the blowback , recoil , cock back , release etc etc the only one off the top of my head i can think of is the TM scar - L which has a unique blowback system as far as i know its something to do with a weight on top of the gear box my question is would this still work with a SMP kit installed ?

can't seem to find any detailed videos or threads on how that system works on the TM.


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If you want recoil you could go with a we scar, then get a reaper airsoft hpa mag (or hpa tap the standard mag)


As far as I am aware you cannot retain the recoil of a TM scar if you fit a smp kit.

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