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Well l96 Problems

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Hey guys I have a couple of problems for my well l96 sniper,


The barrel can twist side to side, it doesn't wobble but you can twist it.


there is a problem with the loading, the airsoft bb goes into the chamber, but the bolt won't fully close, almost like theirs something stuck inside.


the sockets where the rail screws go in (top rail) are rounded off, like there is no thread so you cant attach a scope.


Also can someone tell me how to adjust the hop up? Thanks please reply asap!

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I had the issue with the BB not entering the chamber properly, getting stuck between the hop chamber and the cylinder head, preventing the bolt closing.


I found that the follower of the magazine was the wrong way round, and I had to open the magazine, push the pin out of the follower assembly and put it back together the correct way. I can't remember which was round the follower should be, but the last BB should be quite secure in the mag, not be easily pushed out of the feed lips

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