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ICS L85 thread permission?

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Hello, during my break from Uni I was intending on making a new thread on the ICS L85 featuring my own upgrade guide, troubleshooting things such as the semi-auto issue a lot of users have had, a disassembly guide and a few other sections with pictures and maybe videos.


I'm just wondering that since Airsoft-ed already has a very in depth guide on the L85 would it be appropriate for me to make another or would it be against forum rules (or just rude to ed himself)?


Also, if it is okay for me to go ahead with it, what section if the forum should it go into?


Thank you!

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Since you've got an ICS AEG L85 I think you should. I don't think anyone here is opposed to new threads with depth guides.


Plus, I got a feeling Ed will just get excited at an L85 thread and jump on with giving suggestions of upgrades

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