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Okto Eight Milsim

Op. Gate Guard 23-24th April 2016 Tuddenham

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OKTO EIGHT MILSIM proudly presents Operation GATE GUARD


This will be a weekend game consisting of two 8hr COMBAT OPERATIONS.


Our Tuddenham site offers a 45 acre battle area with a number of single storey buildings, mixed woodland and open areas.

23 - 24 APRIL 2016

£65 (£25 non refundable deposit required at time of booking)

Players must be 16 years of age or over.

STARTEX 0900 23rd April
ENDEX 1700 24th April

FORCES - Total 50 places
NATO Coalition:
Moldistan Defence Force (MDF- Government Army):
Moldistan Peoples Front (MPF - Rebels):
Russian Force:

Uniform/Loadout Requirements:

Full details are on the group but basically in overview:

NATO Coalition - 100% MTP or Multicam (AOR2, ATACS etc also considered) - NATO weapons
MDF - 100% DPM or Flecktarm - NATO or Eastern Bloc assault rifles
MPF - Top or Bottoms in DPM or Flecktarn - remainder in solid colours like tan, green, grey, etc - No helmets or boonies. Mainly Soviet weaponry.
Russian - 100% Russian camo (Partizan, Digital Flora or recognised specific others). Helmets, Peaked caps or balaclavas. Russian weapons.


You will need to bring all your own food and water and the means to cook with.

No Two Tone weapons - limited ammunition and low cap/mid cap use only.

Radios optional but highly recommended (Baofeng UV5 @ approx £25).

Free Overnight Camping




Location - the former Soviet Republic of Moldistan.

Two years ago, a massive seam of high grade Titanium yielding ore was discovered in Moldistan and it propelled this sleepy, poor, woodland country into the limelight of the international stage and civil war.

Operation Gate Guard is to be the fifth game in this series.

The allegedly corrupt and autocratic president of Moldistan, Aleksandr Gretsky has been playing both the US and Russian governments against each other, in order to secure the best price for his country's natural resources lining, it is said, his own pockets in the process.

The Peoples Front of Moldistan (MPF), an anti-Gretsky political body of breakaway former governmental soldiers and radicals, live like modern day Robin Hood's in the extensive forests and do their best to harass what they see as an evil dictatorship, destroying the prosperity of their motherland.

In the last game, we saw Gretsky cosying up to NATO and with their help, taking his Titanium mine back from the MPF. The West now has a firm foothold in Moldistan, much to the disgust of the rebels (and Moscow).

The MPF leader Nikolay Jakov was killed in an air strike and the rebels have returned to the forest to regroup.

In this op, we see the focus moving to Krasvin Airbase, the main conduit for air operations, NATO reinforcements and foreign visitors. Control the airbase and you really have Moldistan by the throat !

Who will emerge as the new leader of the MPF and have we seen the last of those Russian-speaking soldiers who burgled the Doctors Surgery in Tsiara last game ?


This is your chance to make a difference.

MPF, MDF, NATO Coalition or the mysterious Russian force that have been spied in Moldistan...

Who you going to fight for ?

Booking opens 20th December 2015

Please book online at: https://www.facebook.com/events/996798680381379/

For further information please contact - [email protected] or call 07535507950


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Booking has now opened and the first deposits are in.


If you are interested, we suggest you book early to get your desired force as historically, these games sell out quick.



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The map for Operation Gate Guard.


We still have one official place available on the government forces and there will undoubtedly be drop outs due to illness and unforeseen circumstances.



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We have had a team from the South Coast pull out, so we are 9 people down on the MPF rebels side for this game.


It's not the end of the world and we can redress the balance to make sure that the other players aren't affected, but if anybody is interested, we have spaces again.

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We are counting the days. Preparations are well underway with checks on kit, vehicles, weaponry, pyrotechnics and initial game plans.


Players seem to be focussed on the job ahead with much discussion in their team groups on organisation and tactics.


As usual, the directing staff are probably even more excited than the players with a few surprises in store.


Weather, directions and other last minute stuff is being promulgated through the community group on Facebook.


For those AFUK players who are coming, we look forward to seeing you there.

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Looking forward to it and glad we got some new recruits to bring the numbers back up after that group pulled out last minute.

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Right then, thats us.


The trucks are packed, the vehicles are en-route and the hammers and screwdrivers are being wielded at the site.


Bookings are now closed and we will see some of you in Moldistan tomorrow evening for what we hope will be a great weekend of fun and frolics.


See you on the other side.



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Another brilliant weekend.


Thanks to all the players and a special mention to the AFUK members who attended.


We're all frazzled and burnt out - we started setting up on Thursday and have just unloaded, but it was fantastic.



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Very different from the last op in December. Completely different dynamics. The vehicles were superb. When they worked together to provide suppressive fire, the combined force of four LMGs were withering. Some great gameplay, the role-play was spot on and the naked pilot - well the less said the better really. Im still having nightmares.


Good camaraderie, some great comic moments that brought a smile to peoples faces and I enjoyed my bacon sarnie.


Who was that idiot playing a bugle at sparrows fart on Sunday morning.

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Yay :) a photo of me front right of landy holding the riot shield


Thanks again for a great weekend & handling all the comms had given me brain ache lol & bloody sore this Morning


Bluestone out

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