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Old-New player in West Midlands!

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My name is Wojciech, i'm 24, and i'm from Poland.

I was playing for about 6 years, until i moved to UK a year ago, and now i'm looking into getting back smile.gif

I was participating mostly in local games, and couple larger events and LARP games

Now i live in Coventry, and i'm looking for some local airsoft communities to get in touch and see what's what smile.gif

I don't have any gear or UKARA yet, but i hope i'll sort out everything as soon as possible :)

Here's one of my favourite photos:


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You've got the grange, It's a small local site. Not the best site in the world but it's not bad for a day of care free skirmishing. The advantage to the grange is it has a well stocked professional shop that stocks a good range of guns and parts.

They tend to do a full day 9am - 4-5pm. You get a meal with the walk on fee and free cofee and tea all day. The games tend to be 30mins with team rotation. So yellow attack for 30 mins, then the same mission but yellow defend. The games are fast to organise and start and generally you get a pretty packed organised day. It's the site I use to keep my Ukara, as it is local, has a shop, and you can pretty much just walk on without needing to know the other players.




The other site I go to from Coventry is Fireball in Bassets Pole. The site is fantastic, It's dense woodland, with a few buildings and a well organised team running it. The site has a shop but it is basic, selling BB's, Pyro and a few other items but the stock changes.

Fireballs games are much harder than the grange. They don't do short games. It tends to be multiple objectives and continuous play until lunch. With the terrain and the fact the better players all tend to go on the same team it can be a touch frustrating to play there, but once you get in the swing of the site you will find out it's a really fun place to play, where concealment, silence and avoiding the paths pays dividends.

The fireball access is also closed during game time due to the adjoined paintball site using the road. So you have to be there early, and you can't leave until the game is over. It's generally not a problem game wise but it does mean no half days, or just going and having a chat to the players.




I would recommend both sites. If you don't have a car The Grange can also be got to via train to Berkswell then a 1/2 hour walk to the site.

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