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Is anyone else thinking, what I'm thinking??

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Ah I see what your thinking...


No no no my idea was to just go over and have a few games since it's abandoned.


I used to visit a few places, and the old nuclear bunker in barnton (Edinburgh) to name one. But that is being guarded and turned into a museum nowadays so it's not an option to explore and pew.


Realistically I should just go to appropriate airsoft venues, indoor and outdoor, rather than thinking about these places, since I'd imagine people/police would freak out at the sight of us running about wih machine guns etc

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here?

You mean to just go out to abandoned places and just play airsoft without anyone's prior permission?


If what I say is correct, then yeah I'm not so sure many others are thinking what you're thinking lol.

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If you could find somewhere like in an easy to reach location and turn into an airsoft venue that would be great. Could be a good location for a Milsim event!

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Well, basically yeah.


Ya see I'm trying to figure out how these guys can play at this location (looks abandoned etc, not sure if it's a fully fledged airsoft site).


Yes rosco mate, if i had the outlay/investment etc I would NOT HESITATE in starting my own airsoft site. But I'd need to make it unique incorporating buildings/factories/warehouses as there are plenty indoor and outdoor sites in my area of Scotland. But I can't see any having an ex-industrial playground. Prob for good reason, with health and safety rules and regs not to mention insurance problems.


But anyway, example 1:




Then again this place in America.




Then there is this place in Tenerife, it's just a group of outbuildings but similar idea with the whole abandoned building thing.





I remember a place in Edinburgh, the old bus station in leith. It was like a massive warehouse and garage with connected office buildings. Completely abandoned but housed a couple homeless though (genuinely nice lads), you could EASY have a few airsoft games without attracting attention.


Sorry to keep bleating on about this, but as you can see I'm more keen to play airsoft in locations such as these, as opposed to woodland.

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