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Noob from Falkirk! Good day one an all! Any advice?

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Hello fellow enthusiasts,


Well I'm totally new to this and looking to get into the world of airsoft. Thing is though, pro guns are rather expensive for me to start with, I will get round to more expensive weapons but for now I just do a bit of back yard shooting with my 14 year old neighbour (yeah I'm 29 and 6ft 4, why do I feel I need to hide from respectable neighbours lol?) he has a Cyma sniper, Remington, 1911 and thy are not bad weapons! I have a de g46, p.698, g.054c but to be honest I am lacking in firepower! ( I only bought my cheap weapons cos they look cool and very cheap, I never knew there was a whole world or airsoft and milsim etc!! This is like a dream come true! I used to be really into military and guns etc as a kid but can't help feeling like people laugh at me cos I'm older and into running around with toy guns.


I'm really looking to get into the sport and go to meets and events etc but, thing is, I'd get laughed at cos my guns are crap and excluded from making friends cos I don't have expensive beasts, I also have rubbish knowledge of airsoft guns too and I'm rather quiet so folk would just ignore me probably?


So are airsoft people approachable and non-judgemental and willing to help a noob out? I know everyone is different but I'm looking for a general census on what you guys are like. I am daunted by a group with 350 fps+ with full uniforms and expert knowledge.


So yeah I look forward to meeting all y'all!


Craig RIngWorm Denholm

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Welcome Ring Worm :)


Like any sport you will get a mix of people playing it. I think we tend to be approachable and friendly. Many of us start out solo and you just need to choose a site, book it if necessary, and turn up. The sooner you start the better. You find that you will get chatting to other players on your team or the people next to you in the safe zone between games. We all like to show our guns to other people, exchange views on what kit we have, and talk about how the skirmish is going, etc. It does seem daunting at first but do not be put of by the kit people wear, just because they look elite does not make them an operator, conversely just because someone has a particular load out does not make them a tosser either. Let them know that you are new, decent players will help you out and make you feel welcome. Not having an expensive gun should not cause others to laugh at you, to be honest I cannot tell what make of gun other players are using, so it is more about how they play the game. Just take your hits, even if not sure if you were hit, you will find the often repeated walk back to respawn lets you think about the game and learn the layout of the site. Take your guns and see how they compare, you can always hire some guns, and research what you would like to buy before rushing out and two-toning it.


Have a read through the forum for past threads, there are some useful bits of information and advice, as well as totally off topic randomness (but that is the fun of the forum). Just please use the search function.

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Unless you spend a min £1,000 on your gun you are not welcome here - peasant !!!

Mega Kidding :D


m8 - this forum is filled with a massive mixture of toy gun owners and all of them are a decent helpful lovely lovely lovely people


Most of us have bought crap stuff when starting out from JBBG - or bought stuff we "thought" would be ideal

only to find out we don't actually like what we first thought would be a great idea/gun/loadout etc......


Read up on Ian's guide, wish I had

a decent gun will set you back about £150-ish


Yes you can buy a STFU gun and be done with it but this toy gun hobby is much like anything in life

you usually start out and build up to better stuff as you yourself get further into it


To me this allows you to develop, hone and perfect your own skills, discovering YOUR actual strengths/weakness and the role/type of player or play style that suits you best and what sites you prefer to run around like a pretend pew pew toy soldier


As you grow - so does your collection tee hee, no but as you yourself grow then you actually warrant/appreciate a higher end gun

Don't get me wrong - if you can afford it and wish to spend £500+ on a higher end aeg then why not


I think it is like passing your driving test - yeah most end getting a Ford Focus, Escort, Ka or others like Nova, Corsa or a 106/206 run-around

But some may just think wtf and go out for an Audi, BMW or other mid/higher end car from day one if they can or parents can afford it


I could buy a higher end gun/car/designer clothes or gadgets in my own home but never been one for latest high end expensive stuff

I just don't see myself personally having all that stuff - though I have stopped buying most stuff now cheap or expensive


Guys on here can help you with what ever your budget is


Get a nice gun by all means - just remember though very often it is the player not the gun that wins the game

or as my late father said:

Fine clothes do not make a gentleman


yup buy a £150 G&G to say a £300 Krytac if you can afford it - no more I feel until you really get hooked


if anybody looks down their nose at ya then wait until you are out on field....


Yeah sure Mr Jumped Up Ar$ehole - I'll cover ya.....

(will I f*ck as you dry fire at enemy watching as he gets shot to $hit)


Seriously - thought crosses my mind but I'm not like that really (well most of the time)

there is a bit of snobbery like most things in life

but in general I'd say most players can think back to when they started out and often welcome new players into the sport very well


btw welcome to the forum - ignore 99.999% of what I say as often it 101% pure bollox

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That is for the replies guys!


Now starting to feel more confident about approaching/asking silly questions in my infancy. I was lucky and met a guy in his late 40s who had a great collection of guns (and an SS uniform) he invited me along one day and to borrow his g36, I said yeah but let him down as I was super busy around that time, feel I spoiled my chances.


I know it's like every other hobbie/activity, you get some baw bags and good guys. I also understand the expense of the sport, I'm into loads of things and this is another one. I used be mega In to skateboarding at one point and bought the latest and greatest at minor expense, then I got into cars and car stuff is super expensive!! (Sucks just now cos I had 2 cars and had to sell one and now can't drive other as my ex boss stole lots of cash from company and fecked off to Blackpool thusly ruining Christmas!!!!) anyways totally of topic.


So wait as sec....so we DONT buy from jbbg or bbguns4u and the like??


I'm kinda liking the DE M4a1 fully auto for £45. If it's capable of 245fps I wouldn't be disappointed for what you get for the money, plus initially I will be using it to shoot my neighbour in our communal back garden. I wouldn't turn up at a skirmish site with that two tone badman but would like it for the back yard shoots?


Also I need to be pointed in the right direction here.....does anyone fix airsoft guns? My Tokyo marui beretta needs fixed.

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