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Looking for opinions on G&G SRS upgrades ! + cleanjng kit queries

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Hi guys..

Got myself a new g&g srs fortnight ago in a black friday sale while my m 14 is having work done.

I done some digging online and cant find too many pages of people upgrading the internals on them..

So i was wondering if you fine people could point me in the right direction..


Not looking to go too crazy but looking for a few upgrades that are basics when looling to improve reliability/ life span on a new aeg. Also to maybe help improve perfomance


Again sorry for the noob question but im fairly new to the game..


Also i was looking to put together a cleaning kit for at home and was wondering what some of you keep in youre cleaning kits if you dont mind sharing rhat would be great!!


Thanks in advance .

Mr Mayhem

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No need to upgrade a gun for reliability until it is broken, otherwise it is false economy... except in the case of bolt action rifles where you may be wanting to up the power considerably.


What is wrong with the gun's current performance?


Barrel cleaning rod, kitchen towel and alcohol wipes are about all you need for cleaning.

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101% agree unless you want ya SRS also in for servicing

leave it as is for now or at least wait until your m14 is back up to scratch.....


then you can decide or perhaps deans & say shs torque motor but keep juice low on 7.4v lipo

(push 11.1v and piston will strip/snap very quickly)


beyond that you need to open her up which really really should not be needed unless its shooting $hit and below 300fps etc....


alcho wipes and a drop - I mean a drop of silicone on a soft tissue/rag clean only 80% of barrel - keep away from hop ffs

dry cloth to polish and that is it


seriously consider leaving it alone for the moment - it ain't 2 weeks old yet if Black Friday deal - just about 10 days since you took delivery

unless you like ripping apart new guns and making them worse - that is my job btw :D

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Thanks for the replys guys!

This is exactly why i ased the question.. Now i know not to go fecking about with it then until something breaks


And you mentioned alcohol wipes. Would thos be the best thing for cleaning the exterior of the gun im guessing ?


And a friend of mine suggested a tight bore barrell and as i said im a noob at all thing tech related how would you rate them and would you thjnk.its worth the money/hassle of getting one and installed ?


Thanks again

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not unless you barrel is f*cked

even if bb curves it is nigh on 99.9999% bucking related


if you want to f*ck with stuff that may be perfectly ok then I STRONGLY suggest

get super duper madbull bollox tight bore over priced that don't do $hit - well a modest zci one will do

get new hop unit & bucking etc....


fit it all together - if it works like even worse $hit - then you can go back to ya stock G&G one with its decent green bucking


you are itching to mess with stuff - if you really really have to f*ck with stuff

then buy barrel/hop/bucking and leave stuff that might be ok well alone for now


most of the range accuracy comes from hop/bucking

but as I said - get another complete unit to f*ck about with rather than screw up something that you later find out wasn't as bad as you thought


this is one of the many lessons I have learnt amongst many many others - most of which fall into same rule of thumb



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Haha understood loud and clear bro!

Im actually.not itching to fuck about with anythin on the srs tbh. The op was to determine wether or not i was best to upgrade some parts for the long term but mostly to distinguish between good advice ans the bullshit ive came across online and from other players!

Thanks sitting duck! Saved me alot of time and more importantly money!:)

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