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Callum Lol


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There are some very good ones and some very very bad ones :P

If their any good the kickback on them is extremely fun to use and puts a big smile on your face. It also adds to the realism and is great for a player who wants more of an experiance than with normal guns.


The problem is with gas which is only really effective in warm weather and fails in the winter. This isn't an issue if you play indoors at a CQB site. Some of them only take mid and low caps which I personally don't mind as I prefer them to high caps but I know some people like to fire 1000000000000 rounds so that may be an issue depending on your playing style. Some gas guns will take co2 which is not affected by the wheather and is a good solution, however co2 is usualy quite powerful and might go over the FPS limit.


My friend had a GBB AK47 and it failed epically. Bits fell off, the blowback broke and in the end he just got rid of it, however my dad has a GBB SCAR L which has so far been good fun to use so it depends on the gun really.

What sort of gun are you interested in? :)

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GBB M4's are quite nice, aswell as Scars.

However no preference really, i like variation as long as it isn't a horrid GBB submachinegun.

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