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Limitless Gear - Opfor - Fast Mag Pouch - Normal or Inverted Carry

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Fast Attach to MOLLE/PALs with RSEE - The ALL NEW Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE) allows for effortless attachment to any MOLLE/PALs surface in seconds. No tools, docks, or additional mounting accessories are required. With RSEE the OPFOR allows MOLLE to become truly modular. Users will now have the ability to scale or transfer their load outs the their specific mission requirements at a moments notice.
Lidless Positive Magazine Retention
The exclusive Positive Magazine Retention system locks your magazine into the OPFOR just like in a weapon's magazine well. Simply twist and pull to easily withdraw the magazine from the OPFOR. Fully ambidextrous, the OPFOR combines all the benefits of a dedicated open top magazine pouch with the security of a traditional lidded pouch. This foolproof retention system offers the user a smooth and consistent draw every time.
Weighs Only 2.8 oz
Fast Attach to MOLLE/PALs with RSEE
Lidless Positive Magazine Retention
Ambidextrous and Stackable
Normal and Inverted Carry Capable
Compatible with AR-15 / M4 Magazines
100% Made in the USA from US Materials
High Strength Polymer Construction
Available in Coyote Brown
Black and OD Green Available Spring 2015

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