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Cyma ak47 gearbox

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Hello peeps,


I recently got hold of a cyma ak47s and I looking to upgrade some bits. It's as much about upgrading as it is me learning some of the tech side as I'm still very new. I was looking to upgrade/ replace the gearbox it currently has a cyma 02b full metal, I believe version 3. Is there any direct replacements you guys know of, I am also thinking of changing the barrel and hop up unit. Like I say I am very new to doing tech bits, so far I have learnt to string a number of swear words together as springs bounce around my kitchen!


Any advice would be great, be gentle!

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The cyma 02b is a really good gearbox. Only replace it if something is broken.

Do a good cleaning, do a re-shim, switch to deans connector. Also, use 7.4V lipos.

Also use heavy and good quality BBs. If you do just these or you buy the bestest upgrade parts, there won't be noticeable difference.

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