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fingerless gloves or not?

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I've got a fuckin ridiculous stack of tactical gloves at home, every popular fancy tactical option from the past decade.  The PIG Deltas are my current go-to myself and for recommending, the dexterity is immense.


On the flip side, they're not always perfectly stitched and you can get work gloves on ebay for about £2-4 a pair which are also good for shooting:




I've spent months and months wearing that type of glove humping tins of ammo around, they last a long time, decent dexterity, pretty much the same thickness as any PIG glove.  If you don't care about looking fancy, they have a ton of grip too.

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On 11/03/2018 at 10:46 AM, Duff said:


They don't have to be leather. I wear Richa Evo summer motorcycle gloves, they're overly armoured on the knuckles but have armour all the way down the fingers.


But last week I got shot in the side of the knuckle, where it isn't armoured and oh my, did the air turn blue. My Richa gloves were around £50-60 new, you could spent the same amount of a top tier pair of airsoft gloves. I guess fingerless is just personal preference. I wear a medium glove even though it's difficult to put on buty they hug my hands great, meaning I'm not fumbling due to baggy fingertips.


it does suck getting hit, i managed to get full auto'd in my little fingernail by what felt like the entire enemy team back in january, amazing how much and how long that smarts for.


but it goes with the territory, personally i'm happy enough with my £5 amazon fingerless gloves, they have knuckle armour and my play style generally keeps me far enough away from the action to prevent too much damage.

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