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APS ASR114 - Any users, recommendations?

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Hi Guys, new to the hobby, got my first game this weekend, I recently bought this AEG http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=397 and was wondering if anyone else has one?


What are you thoughts, and problem areas I should look out for, any must have mods or anything? As it's my first gun, I want to look after it, and make sure I know of any weaknesses to look out for.


I've already found a slight issue with using a limo in the butt, as there isn't really enough room with the wiring/fuses in there. Luckily I don't need to push the stock all the way in so it's not too much of a problem!


All advice and thoughts are welcome...

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I dont think its a common rifle in the UK.

How did you import it without a UKARA number ?

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Welcome to the Forum.


I have one of the older APS rifles, a PR302. I got it cheap over a year ago and wasn't expecting much but it has run flawlessly. I run it with an 8.4v 1600 battery pack which provides an adequate shooting speed and lasts all day without any problems. If your running a Rear wired battery a nunchuck type will fit in your stock rather than one in the buffer tube. Prevent the issue of it not fitting.


The one thing I did change on mine was the Electric Blow Back. I swapped it for a non blow back plate as the EBB spring kept snapping as it wasn't really up to the task. Not sure if this improved on the newer models.


I use .20g BBs with mine and the range is more than adequate.


I have had no problems with it although I have serviced the gearbox by cleaning out the masses of grease in it from the factory (this improved performance) and my daughters trigger unit on her APS needed re soldering as the original factory job was a bit shoddy and the wiring came free.


For a gun that I was only expecting to use for a few months, it has seen some hard service and has performed really well. So much so that I am only now thinking of replacing it as my primary with a PTS RM4. It will still stay in my gun bag as my spare.


Hope that helps.

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