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James Flynn

VSR bolts

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Hi all

I've got a cybergun SAR-10 (I'm pretty sure its another TM clone) and it runs off a co2 capsule that's placed into the blot itself. My question to all of the VSR lovers out there is weather or not I can just drop in a spring bolt so it becomes site legal (the box claims roughly 600 fps!!) my second question is where do I get a full spring bolt set (or if they even exist)



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Your best bet is to go to ASPUK and use the identify your Rifle menu and see.




Luckly for you i have already done that when looking it up to help you.


Cybergun AKA Swiss Arms SAR-10 is an exact clone of the TM VSR-10 so apparently it can




By the looks of it your going to need a new Cylinder, Piston, Spring and Spring Guide and maybe a bolt too, also have a look at your trigger assembly too as it may be proprietary so that it can fire CO2, if thats the case i would recommend you get a VSR zero (or 90 degree, they are both the same) trigger.

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