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Autum Watch

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Autum Watch starts tonight.


My wife found a baby hedgehog in the garden during the day on Saturday, which is never a good sign, and it was not moving much. So she carefully placed it into a cardbord box with bedding and hedgehog food, and kept in the garage overnight where it would be a little warmer and safe from predators. It was very hungry and ate all the food.


Sunday we prepared the hedgehog house so that it would have somewhere to shelter through the winter and got ready to release it back into the garden. However, Checking on the hedgehog we found that its stools were runny which is sign of ill health. We weighed it and at only 200g was far too thin to survive the winter; they should be a minimum of 500g, ideally 600g, to be able to hibernate.


Not being in a position to keep it in the house until Spring, and due to its poor health, we drove 100 mile round trip to take it to an annimal rescue centre. The hedgehog will get specialist medicine and looked after, Bupa style treatment. On our way out an injured swan was bought in.


Now we will be paying to adopt a hedgehog and support some excellent animal welfare work.

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Good on you sir. Nice to see people still keeping an eye out for all the defenceless animals :)

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