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Winter Wars 2015 - Rype Village, Lydd Training Camp[IMG]

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Just got home from an utterly amazing weekend down at Rype Village, what a flippin amazing site to be allowed to play at!


This is the synopsis taken from the Facebook event page:


WINTER WARS 2015 will be taking place on the 30 October - 1 November 2015 at RYPE VILLAGE in LYDD Training Camp, the hub for the UK military’s URBAN pre deployment training for over 30 years. The village has hosted training for every UK military deployment for the past 30 years and is still in use today. For those of you have been to this facility you will know that it is unparalleled anywhere else in the UK. We have agreed the use of the village with DIO and are looking forward to seeing you there!
This will be a purely MilSim event so please come prepared.


Airsoft at Quex ran the event, they were expecting well over 150 people but due to MoD requirements had to change the date which I think meant that 50% were then unable to attend. There were roughly 60 players split between 2 teams; x-rays in green and tangos in tan. We were on team x-ray and were at a significant numerical disadvantage from the start as we only had 25 team members vs tango's 35.


The event had a morning brief in the site cinema then games began. I think we were skirmishing from 9am until 10pm on Saturday taking breaks for food/drink/reloads when we wanted so as to keep the game moving almost constantly. Sunday play started again around 9am and finished at 2pm.


On site accommodation was provided, as were hot showers, proper toilets and a burger van at strategic times.


I can only describe this site as intense, there is a whole village set up which has shops, a post office, a pub, houses including a few 3 story buildings... it even has a petrol station and car scrap yard!!!! Clearing the houses in the daytime was pretty heart in mouth stuff but doing so at night was a feeling I'll struggle to achieve anywhere else.


In a way I'd love to put folk off from going to any events at Rype but purely for selfish reasons as I always want space left for me to book in so I can go back there. This truly is a spectacular place to play, you really have to try it to believe you will never find a better site to play at..... except Serial 40 (which is just round the corner in the same base so don't count... but try that out too as is also amazing).


The Quex team who organised it were brilliant, always listened with open ears to suggestions, were incredibly fair, explained rules and briefings clearly (although on occasion it did get a little disjointed but that was due to the players rather than the organisers really). I have not played at Quex's normal site but I imagine if this event is anything to go by then they are worth checking out too.


Oh.... the burgers were spot on, as were the well needed showers! :-)


oh oh, also Airsoft Action were on site on the Saturday too so hopefully be something in an upcoming mag about the event too.


Am hoping Les from Airsoft Action will sort some photos out at some point, we were not allowed to take pics or film.


Image taken from the event page on facebook which really doesn't do the place justice and google don't come up with any images I am allowed to share:



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