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James Flynn

A step in the right direction or not

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Hi all


I have recently been tempted to dive into the vast and mysterious world of gas blow back sub machine guns. I am looking for a decent starter and I don't want to have to sell my kidneys to buy it. i have stumbled across the WE smg 8 and I wanted to ask if it is a decent first gbb smg or not as I have heard mixed reviews.



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SMG 8s aren't really to my taste (personal opinion) however WE also make a nice MP7.

The best GBB SMG on the market is the TM MP7, many people like them. KWA/KSC SMGs are also supposed to be pretty good, plenty of them on sale for decent prices over on Zero In at the moment. The KWAs with the NS2 system are brilliant!


It all depends on what you're looking for, more and more GBB SMGs are being released- WE came out with a GBB P90 recently, as well as a line of MP5s they came out with last year.

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