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Combat Airsoft Group - Next level Milsim

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After hearing about Combat Airsoft Group on facebook I jumped straight over to their website to find out some more information about them, I’ve been playing high level milsim for about 5 years and have never really found anything to for fill my standards of realistic tactics along with a bit of hard graft and a well composed event.


Spending some time on the website I couldn’t help but get more and more excited about the event with over 30 years of military experience in the team, fighting across the globe I knew these guys meant business. I was hoping this military experience would be at the foundations of the event. Forcing strict drills and a set of tasking’s that would test any milsim player.


I drove about 8 hours to reach the event the furthest I have ever traveled to go play some airsoft. After arriving and meeting some familiar faces from the Milsim scene we were escorted on to Otterburn Military Base. We were taken to taskforce Nomads FOB a large farm building with separated rooms full of beds with rubber mattresses, We were roomed by teams making getting conversation going and meeting new people easy. The light started to dim and one by one the teams were called in to the ops room to be briefed. We were given roles within the team and I was selected as lead scout.


Map work and being confident with a compass was ok with me, but steering a team of serious milsim guys in the wrong direction for a few hours was not on my list of things to do, so I asked the DS staff to give me some tips these guys were noting short of amazing our DS having 24 years service and 10 tours under his belt I intended to learn as much from him over our time at the event as possible.


So kit ready and gear on I laid up to shut my eyes quick time check 1:00am, 3:45am we were woken and taken outside after going over some basics we climbed into our infill vehicle and dropped at our designated drop off location. We then started moving our way thought the set waypoints over about 7km. All of us excited and ready to get stuck in, intelligence had put us onto a location holding a potential HVI in a first light raid. We met with some other sections and got into position with eyes on the target building. The CEXC guys has all the weekends pyro covered and man did they make some noise. A airstrike was called in on the location with explosions rattling the ground and smoke covering the area we attacked.


Taking a few casualties and ex-filling our wounded or tending to the injured we took the building and began gathering all the SSE, although our HVI slipped out the back door. It was one hell of a battle at one point the enemy backed away and started motoring the building. The shout of “ get to cover “ rung in the air as explosions boomed around us.


For a moment I just found myself taking in all the smoke, pyro and intense firefights, thinking “ I’ve never been is a situation like this!!”


The rest well that’s classified…


The professionalism from the guys at Combat Airsoft Group their knowledge and life experiences give the milsim player an experience beyond what I though was possible. Our DS offered constant support if wanted it and we jumped at the chance for him to teach us as much as he could. I can honestly say I walked away from that event a more confident and knowledgeable player. The regime and organization was on point the entire weekend every detail calculated and considered. When the event came to a close I thought, “ That’s a game changer “


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We hear really good things about CAG and they have set the bar for their level/type of milsim on their first debut game.

With Tier putting out their recent press release, it will be interesting to see what happens with Sterling/Tier/CAG and the way that type of game moves.

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Are Stirling / Teir able to bring this level real world experience and skill to a event ?


......I don't know but what I can say is this is a very small example of what CAG have the ability to do.


Guys CAG are pushing milsim to a new level.

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Great review, being new to actual skirmishes instead of years just perving on the net the last several years I'd love to do something like this....I just have family commitments that stop me doing any night/long games... I envy you random trashy!!!


Still I'm looking at gunman ones which i can do for the day for variety



I still have your YouTube videos though!!

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