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So heres what i think i know


P90s across the board have feeding issues...esp with hicap mags. M4 conversion wouldnt suit me cos im a southpaw.


Seen the cyma p90 on TWG and thought why not, just get low or midcap mags. Im just not sure of the quality.


I have a cyma mp5 already and its a good shooter. Full metal construction and good feel. The mp5k is full metal too (p90 polymer). The only downside is the lack of a sliding stock for mp5k as opposed to mp5. Theres about £10 diff between the two


Can anyone whose had experience of either give me a bit of guideance on this?



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You'll have the same performance with the MP5K as you do currently with your MP5. There may be a slight FPS change due to the different barrel length, but as CYMA weapons run hot already that won't be an issue.

There's also a model called the MP5 PDW which is essentially an MP5K with a folding skeletal stock and a removable flash eliminator exactly the same as the one on the MP5.

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I have a G&G MP5SD which I love and have just bought a JG MP5K back-up for vehicle and concealed carry use in our new game, Zoro XM.


Will let you know how it performs when it arrives.


Guess you need to decide how you want to play. A SMG can be shot from the hip with a red dot or you can use ironsights with a stock.


Ive also got a UMP with a folding stock and optic and I love that too.


The P90 is a very different style of weapon. Personally I cant get on with them so have no experience regarding brands.

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THanks for that. I think its the fascination with bulpups that has me interested in the p90. I have an APS Aug A1 and despite all the negs about aps gearboxes etc it performes really well.


Because of all the problems around p90s i figure id get the cheapest one to get it out of my system.


like i said though ive already an mp5 so ive all the mags already for an mp5k if i were to get one

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