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Canadian JTF2 loadout

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Looking for a hand here, I'm wanting to do a Canadian JTF2 inspired loadout. I've done some googling but I've only found one or two decent reference pics I could definitely ID as JTF2. I've also spoken to Dave @ Maple Leaf Tac who's been dead helpful.

I'll be doing this after Christmas when I have some money but researching now so I know where I stand.


I'll be doing a MultiCam JTF2 kit, and so far the list is:


Crye AC Combat set

LBT 6094B

Sig P226 in a 6004 style holster

Tan Ops-core setup

MSA Sordins (I've checked out and they're legit, just not as common as PELTORS)


I'll loosely convert my rifle to a C8 CQB too. Pouch wise on the 6094 I'll be running a triple M4 insert to the kangaroo, a Blue Force Gear 10speed triple on top of that, then either BFG 10speed pistol pouches or maybe ESSTAC KYWIs on the left cummerbund, smoke/ pyros on the right cummerbund (probably Tactical Tailor smoke pouches, or Warrior ones if money is tight) and a hydro/ team back panel on the rear. I'll run a med kit on the rear left cummerbund. I'm presuming that IRL pouch placement is pretty much decided by the operator so I'm kinda going for that when thinking about that sort of layout as its a similar layout to my current setup.

If I do comms it'll be housed in a PRC152 case (or other kosher radio, I believe a 152 is okay but feel free to correct me 😛) in an MBITR pouch on the rear right cummerbund.


Any help/ info/ more reference pics would be appreciated.


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All seems pretty sensible to me, I'd steer clear of ESSTAC stuff for an impression kit though, they're not issued and very few soldiers buy their own kit.


The thing that'll set your kit apart though and really ID it as being Canadian is the gun. You'll need to get the C8 spot on.

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@jcheeseright yeah I'll probably go BFG for the pistol pouches. I don't know if they're necessarily issued but in terms of private purchase I've seen lots more Tier1 use them in general than the ESSTAC stuff.


Yeah I agree on the C8. I've got a G&G rifle that I'll convert over time I think, I need to do the research for a parts list first though and get an idea of the money involved in a conversion. I'll sort the kit out first, and then get the rifle done- that'll take the loadout from 'inspired' to 'impression' I think.

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