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can anyone tell me if this is good gas http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/airsoft-green-gas-750ml-product,14588

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You're not going to open up a new thread for each brand are you, Joe? Try this thread for straightforward questions that have simple answers: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/22692-quick-questions-simple-answers/


No idea on that gas. Never used it. However, if you're looking for affordable, reliable gas then Smart Gas from Gunfire is good: http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152204167-Smart-Gas-TM-1000ml.html - cheap and cheerful stuff that's not got the amazing lubing power of Abbey or the power of Nuprol 3.0+ and Guarder Powerful, but it's affordable and does the job. Their shipping is quite agreeable if you order 6 or so cans at a time. It's out of stock right now but they replenish stock monthly from what I've seen.

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