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M4 and Mosfet install

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I'm exploring the work required to install a mosfet into a G&G Blowback GR16 CQW Wasp.


I have previously installed a GATE Pico AAB mosfet into my G&P M14 mostly as it was firing 2-3 shots on semi (overspin). On the M14 it was a dream to install as the trigger contacts are outside of the gearbox so I didn't have to dig too deep.


However from what I understand, with the Type 2 gearboxes I have to dismantle it completely? While I have the gearbox apart, is there anything else I should be changing while I'm in there? Its a new gun so there won't be anything worn but if there are some simple upgrades I could do, I may aswell get them done at the same time. The gun runs on 2s lipo and I'm not aiming for any higher than 350fps. What mosfet would you suggest for this gun, another pico?

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Pico are a good choice. Yes, you will have to open up the gearbox to do the install. If its shooting fine then don't bother changing anything else, if you need a but more fps then consider a heavier spring. There's tonnes of guides on YouTube on how to take apart a v2 gearbox.

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yup - smaller basic fet will do if your gun is not double cycling

(AB is an option but imho only if your really need it)

I doubt if you will be running a blowback ultra quick


yup you gotta open up the box to rewire on V2's

decide where fet will go and perhaps use existing wire + 1 extra signal wire at switch (2 posi go on same contact then signal on other running back to fet)


try and disturb as little as possible - ensure spring has least tension when you open it

10mm round earth magnet under AR latch and she open quite easily with minimal explosion


Would advise AoE or at least look into it, neoprene/sorbothane

check piston o-ring seal, cylinder head seal etc....

(if using ptfe tape ensure not to block the port for blowback on cylinder head etc..)

possible o-ring nozzle and maybe bearing spring guide if gun is not too close to site fps

You lose a bit of fps doing AoE but good seals claw that back

spring guide is ok but can add 15 or so fps - hence see how gun shoots fps wise first


It is all a question of where do start n stop but most of the above are basic wise tweaks to consider


Your gun atm might be running ok - I mean fit deans connectors will help for now and see how she goes as your running 7.4v lipo


If and when she starts to play up - THEN open her up to service and mess about with

unless you are mechanically confident and want it done sooner than later


Just pointing out - if it ain't broke don't try to fix it - well not just yet

coz I'd hate to see anybody pop back and say:


"where the f*ck does thit bit go ?" or "now she won't fire/feed"

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Super, thanks guys. Will give it a go.

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