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Baz JJ

Gunman Airsoft - Milsim Lite at Tuddenham

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Gunman Airsoft and its sister company Filmsim collectively run three levels of milsim; Gunman Milsim Lite, Gunman Milsim and the Filmsim Themed Milsims.


Today I went to the Milsim Lite game at Tuddenham-St-Mary near Mildenhall in Suffolk.


It was my first time at Gunman Tuddenham and I was impressed. I had read a lot about the site on the Internet, but many of the reports didn't do it justice.


Its probably the smallest of the Gunman sites, but that old saying about the best things coming in small packages, is spot-on !!


The site is surrounded by farmland and is as rural as it gets. It's just a few miles off the A11 and once you pass through the little village of Tuddenham-St-Mary, its well signposted down a concrete farm track, past a free range pig farm.


The site is located on part of RAF Tuddenhall, an old WW2 Lancaster bomber airfield which closed in 1963.


The runways and dispersal pens used to be located north of the Cavenham road coming out from from the village and all sign of it has long gone, the land being returned to agriculture.


Gunman Tuddenham is located on the accomodation part of the airfield, south of the Cavenham road, where over 2000 people were housed during the war.


Today, the safe zone and shop is situated in the old generator house.


The site has a great assembly of old buildings including a dozen or so barrack buildings and there really is something for everybody. It has concrete roads, off road tracks, woodland and open areas for longer range shooting and sniping.


The area is also used for pheasant shooting, so the site is a little smaller in the open season.


I was expecting the site to be much smaller today as the open season started on October 1st but I didn't think it was affected much.


Milsim Lite is the Gunman entry step to the milsim world. To my eyes, it was like a normal skirmish with limited ammo except medic rules were used, which meant that team mates could "regen" their buddies using bandages to get them back into the game. Although all types of players are welcomed including youngsters, owners of two tone airsoft weapons and players using hi-cap magazines, there was also an air of the tactical and players were discouraged from long bursts of full auto in favour of more surgical, ammo-consuming, exchanges of fire.


There were some good games and fighting through the buildings looked great fun, especially the knife kills.


We were blessed with great weather today, but when the weather starts to turn for winter, at least this site has its fair share of cover from the elements.


There is a reasonable amount of car parking next to the old generator hall, free tea and coffee and a portaloo round the back. There is also a fully stocked shop, plenty of player bench space inside the hall and Doug the Gunman Manager even performed open heart surgery on a players G36 which was shooting too hot for the game, so he could join in !!!


Although not milsim, Gunman are planning a halloween night game in a few weeks, with survivors, freaks and other assorted ghouls to fight your way through including a guest appearance by the chain saw wielding gimp !!










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