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Airsoft_Mr B

Best Crye G3 replicas, with short inseam? (~ 30")

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Probably a long shot...but basically I'm wondering if there are any brands which make trousers that will accept Crye kneepads, which are available in a short inseam size??

I have seen a few copies (e.g. Viper, Emerson, OPS / UR-Tactical I think, some US Army pants on eBay which might work but not sure of the manufacturer)


As you may know had a pair of Platatac Tac Dax a while back and bought Crye G3 kneepads for them.

Problem is there was no kneepad adjustment AFAIK and they had a regular 32" inseam leg size. This meant for me (I'm about 5' 7) the kneepads would sit below the knees, so the protection just didn't work. Eventually sold the trousers but have kept the pads, just can't afford to spend £150-£210 on genuine Cryes!



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I realise this is a very old topic - but I am in the same postion now - so just wondering how you got on with your search?


The only ones I can find in a short leg - are Crye! :angry:


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