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Looking for new battery and charger

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Hi all, I recently got a CM.028U AK-47S for my birthday and I was wondering what batteries I should get for it. Due to the battery being in the bolt (due to the folding stock) I have struggled to find the correct sized battery. The battery I have at the moment is a Ni-MH 2/3A1100mAh 8.4V stick battery, it is around 19.5cm long and has a 1.5cm diameter.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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EU is better/quicker



charger was crap, a GENUINE B6 is best



you "might" need some adapters to charge various battery types:



psu unit to power B6 - 99.999% sure this will do the job:



have listed stuff at HobbyKing EU - easy to end up buying stuff from UK+ EU + Hong Kong

call up charger first and wait 5 mins - you should get a box pop up and offer you it at discount of £20.47

Alas you can only get 1 item or the same item(s) discounted anything else is at normal price

hence charger is most expensive so get discount on that maybe

then add 2 or 3 lipo's - still good price

and maybe the adapters


EU do one shipping price no matter how much crap you buy it seems and not bad


Hong Kong's so called free shipping is coz they have just bumped up their prices at HK recently - crafty bastids

UK Hobby don't do - or didn't do the airsoft batteries - hence EU Hobby is ya best bet maybe


have posted lots on lipo's and chargers here - funny lipo explosion on bottom of pg2



best of luck

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