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GC16 upper receiver stock attachment thing

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I recently bought this gun (G&G GC16 Carbine) on this forum and when I was dissembling it I noticed it had a different stock base thing (sorry I don't know the technical term). It's silver and has a threaded bit towards the receiver body but then a larger circular bit with guides on the side. Because of this I'm having problems rewiring it and removing the spacer so I can put on one with a sling attachment point. I've attached a picture so what I'm describing makes more sense.


Does anyone know if this can be replaced or am I stuck with it? There's also some residue from glue or something where the stock base meets the receiver's body if that's any help.


Thanks in advance.


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Think the photo is mirrored or back to front btw


is this a gen G&G lower receiver ???

coz it looks like a lot of modding n hacking to remove old stock thingy mounty majig that was on there once


I'm wondering was it like a M4 pistol reciever that the previous owner got something knocked up on a lathe or something

or was there a rare short bespoke M4 reciever that had the stock tube mount as an option


Your stock ring seems to be the main problem here perhaps....

(black piece hanging down)

you seem to have one that might be solid like this one:




where as you may need one with a cut out underneath to allow for wires to pass through like this one:




or adapt the one you have already


HOWEVER a couple of things perhaps the silver mount may not have a groove that it may need for wires to slip under and into stock tube

Also the amount of thread on the sliver mount is maybe too much for what it needs - the stock ring will be sitting on threads not on the grooves


Another possible option is maybe a full size fixed stock

a stubby would need work and the grooves at start for ring to fit on correctly


What stock was fitted on there previously ???

Was it front wired/peq box or pistol thingy receiver


any more pics of old stock and stuff previously fitted ???

looks a little of a mod project atm so your options may be limited without some further adaptations


chuck up some more pics and I'm sure some techy enginner mofo might come up with best option(s)

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It looks like it is a GBBR lower receiver with a properly, but "home" made AEG buffer tube adaptor. But that would mean some hacking around the grip too. Strange.

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