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Baz JJ

Gunman Airsoft Norwich - Milsim

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Went to play at a one day milsim at this site yesterday.

Gunman Airsoft operate four sites (Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk) and their Norwich (Norfolk) site has just re-opened after some forest management work.

Its located at Stratton Strawless which is very close to Norwich Airport (plenty of overflying helos provided free of charge).

Its a 60 acre woodland site criss-crossed with tracks, which unfortunately were a bit boggy even though we havent had much rain.

Gunman operate intermediate and light milsim games while their Filmsim arm operates the longer theme based ones.

This game was of the intermediate variety so although armbands werent used, they werent so strict on loadouts and you could use highcaps.

There were no breaks between STARTEX and ENDEX, medic rules were in use with bandages and there were ammo restrictions.

The facilities at Norwich are basic; they have tea/coffee, genny power and a portaloo. Parking is good with a private off road car park behind gates.

Yesterdays game was about a government force and a rebel force in a former soviet state.

It involved rebels trying to find some very old stored Weapons of Mass Destruction to discredit the government and the government trying to prevent the embarassment and bad publicity.

The game flowed well and Gunman had journalists and weapons scientists popping in and out of the game and the teams had to escort and protect them as well as managing developing situations and intel.

Radios were used quite heavily in the game and it was quickly discovered that those with PMR446 radios struggled with range.

The site is boxed by minor roads so the rebel team were inserted by vehicle at the start of the game.

There are features on the site like a fuel dump, a rather interesting woodman's toilet and a satellite installation. The use of maps and grid references tested some of the players who were new to milsim, but it wasnt a problem as these games are intended more as an introduction to those who either dont want to go "full-on" in the milsim world or who are learning the ropes in order to attend some of the more demanding milsim games.

The props provided by Gunman were good. The WMD were very convincing and tents and bashas were erected for the game to provide camps and cover in the event of inclement weather. The Weather was about 18 degrees C and dry so not needed in the end, but they made a good location for scoff and reloads.

Gameplay was good, hit taking excellent.

At one point the journalist had been inserted to take photos of the WMD to allow him to spread the news on world media. Job done, he and his rebel protectors were bounced by government troops and a firefight ensued. Frightened and with his escort dead or wounded, he ran for it, escaping his pursuers.

2m from the border, a government guard stepped out of the bushes and forced him to delete his camera memory - BUSTED..

Walk on price was £30
Advance price (secured by a £15 deposit) is £25.

They are also holding Gunman skirmishes on this site and the next milsim game is in a months time.



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