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Marushin 5-7 CO2 (new version)

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Having used and abused my old TM 4.3, which has had 5 years of serious abuse from me (and I would very happily recommend as a pistol), it was finally starting to falter, various springs were failing, body seemed to be slightly warped, and it was misfiring during heavy use, she was retired, and is being kept in pride of place for sentimental reasons.


I was now in the market for a new pistol, I bought myself an ASG MK23, and although it is a worthy pistol, it just doesn't have the kick and speed that my old 4.3 had.


I was looking around for pistols that I liked the look of, and texted a mate of mine who owns a shop, and asked to have a look around and try out some, I first thought of the WE G17 Gen4 as quite a few people are raving about it, and there was a load of spare parts available.


but having had a love affair with the 5-7 since firing one in yankland, and watching this review of the real one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXNPxOg8dYk kind of turned my eye for the one he had in the window, I fired off a few rounds and really liked it, but being the sensible man I am, I went home with a fat wallet to do a bit of research, the few reviews I found of this one (specifically the CO2 version, not the older green gas version) raved about it, but they seemed a bit too much like overexcited kids so set up a thread which showed a lack of experience. going back disheartened I was planning to go for the safer G17, however the 6 month warranty and swap for the G17 finally swayed me, and so walked out with the 5-7, and this is my 500rd (1 skirmish, lot of backyard plinking) review.


Initial feelings


The Magazine is huge, and that is not and undervaluation, I am currently using 40mm 203 shell pouches to carry the mag in. Magazine capacity is 22+1.

The actual gun is relatively small, being 20cm barrel end to rear, and 14cm mag baseplate to top of slide, the grip is quite long, being 6cm (for comparison the mk23 is only 5.5cm and that is considered a large grip.

The mag release is a bit large, but I have not had any circumstances of accidental releasing as the spring inside is quite tense and there is plenty of surface area for it to catch on the magazine.

The safety, is, quite frankly, weird and quirky, I have never come across anything similar, but I really love it, it's very intuitive, and if it's on, it stays on, if it's off, it stays off, it's easy to manipulate, and isn't proud enough to be affected by anything (fabric holster, tactical pants placement, or thumb movement etc).

The pistol has 2 slide release options, slide release catch on the left side (useable, but uncomfortable by your index finger if your a lefty), which is really well positioned for your thumb, but personally power stroking it is a lot of fun.

Field stripping the pistol is very simple, rack it about a quarter of the back, move the catch at the front of the gun to the rear position, and then lever up, with reassembly technically being the exact reverse, but it takes a lot of fiddling to get it right.




The hop is also an interesting design as I find it a lot easier to adjust than other pistol styles (see in pictures), and the hop is able to spin 0.36's up, quite accurately as well.

Having owned the x-5 (CO2 P226) it doesn't have such a violent firing pattern, but it's noticeably more powerful than an equivalent green gas pistol (TM 4.3).

FPS (using my brand new xcortech 3500, and all shots were using 0.28 bad wolf BB's) wise the first 2 rounds were 285fps and 288fps respectively (337fps and 340fps converting it to 0.2's using an online calculator), after that the remainder of that mag and the next 3 mags averaged between 255fps and 267fps (301fps and 315fps converted to 0.2's) and then a reduction of 5-10fps per shot after that, I can get a good 5 mags out of one CO2 capsule, the 6th mag just doesn't have enough juice for my liking to be relied upon.

I have measured out 30m and can hit a tin can every time as long as wind doesn't change dramatically.

In skirmish, she feels very pointable and the sights are easily acquirable.


Further Thoughts


As mentioned above I have only fired about 500rds through it, but if it continues along this, I have no problem recommending this to others.

I use it in a WAS universal holster, my only concern with it is that the plastic release button/lever(?) is exactly where the mag release is so there is the possibility of it releasing the mag without you knowing however it has not happened to me yet.

There are little to no after-market parts at the moment, with EVIKE being the only one stocking a few limited pieces, and mags are quite expensive at £35 a pop (airsoft world).

It feels like it would suit a tactical light/laser on the rail, I have none to test, but there are plenty of reference photos online.




So far, very happy, feels nice, very unique (have only seen 2 other 5-7's at skirmishes), and a good shot.

Hopefully she'll continue being as capable.












I will likely update this if something catastrophic happens, or if anyone requests a status update/questions.

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update, I've had to stop using her altogether due to the reasons listed below:

  • after a period of time the mags seem to fire erratically, acting as if there is low pressure after the 4-5th round on a fresh cartridge.
  • the rear sight on my initial pistol blew itself apart, was within warranty so got a new pistol but already it seems rather loose (2-300rds).
  • the BB follower constantly gets caught on the side of the mag walls preventing loading of the net round.

I am not happy with this gun and would highly recommend anyone to stay away unless they want a cheap film gun with blow back.

Once I have some time to spare I'm going to have a go at widening the gas router hole a bit to all some more CO2 through and see if I can find an after market output valve that just might fit.

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