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First Skirmish Booked! Hull, UK

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So I have finally booked myself in for Sunday the 4th of October at Slaughterhouse Airsoft, Hull.


As you can imagine, I am excited to get my first taste.


Any tips or info would be appreciated, also any "unwritten rules" or general morals of skirmishers would help (Just so I don't stick out as the prick of the game)


I shall post on Sunday to let you all know how hooked I am!



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eeeeeeerrrr....time to get ...slaughtered then! :)..well your bank balance once you get in to it more!


Wear comfy clothes (does not need to be full blown Camo!) and Boots, i guess should all be on the hire sites website?

Face / eye pro is provided so i guess no need to worry there

take plenty to drink....just in case

Listen to the briefing, they should explain all the safety stuff like no running, mags out of gun, empty gun before entering safe zone etc...


Dont worry to much about getting hit, just enjoy it

play rules, follow a few around and see what goes on, maybe some members here who are going?. i did that and go told where to shoot. attack etc., then you'll pick bits up and learn the site as well


ask a few questions and dnot be shy....people will talk to you...even eventually


I guess try not to shoot some one real close, ive heard some members who play have snuck up behind teams and just said dead and tapped them on the back instead of pulling the trigger....again dont worry!


just enjoy it, have fun, dont let anything bother you and start saving!

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just don't be a dick and shout (call your hit mate) or not take your hits....

try not to do what all noobies do... and sit back behind everyone pointing your gun at the same spot for 30mintues and wonder why you didn't get to shoot anyone.

try to stick with people that are regulars and its much more fun, also play the objective.

and don't worry about getting hit, it doesn't hurt that bad unless its pointblank.

also wear gloves nothing is worse then getting shot on the finger that's a killer

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unfortunately i wont be there on the 4th, work :angry:


as for tips, like the others have said :-


keep your eye pro on at all times when in the game area B)

listen to the briefing

your footwear must give ankle support, wear boots

take water and a lunch

if you think you have been hit, just take it, you will be back in the game in 30secs or less (as long as it takes you to get back to a respawn etc)

no firing through gaps smaller then an A4 side of paper (there is lots of cracks etc, and before this rule it did get abit silly/campy)

arrive early and see if someone will give you a walk around site, its good to know place names etc

They do promote a bang rule, to try and keep point blank firing to a minimum, don't be afraid to use it

be aware of pyro kill distances etc


but most off all don't be afraid to get stuck in there B)

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Try to give yourself 2-3seconds to identify players before opening up, look for arm band colour etc, nothing worse than being blasted by friendly fire. Call out enemy positions when you see them. Take your hits, call out dead man walking/crossing when your on route to respawn. Don't tell friendlies where they are once you been shot. Take, your hits. Most importantly have fun! At the end of the day it's grown men playing with toy guns like we did when we were 5 yrs old! N it's fkin great! :D

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All I can say is thank you! I have durable clothing/boots already as I am a bit of a military geek! Not going to turn up in my NBC suit though :P


Again, thanks!

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