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Installing npas on a kriss vector

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Hey guys


So I'm about to do my first bit of fun work today


I have an ra tech npas kit for my vector and I have watched a video on how to take apart the bolt so happy with that but my question is with regards to the npas


Do I install the whole unit as one or is it done differently


Below is the npas I have for it





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Hi buddy i see no one got back to you and i only just found your thread.


You need to remove the bolt from the vector, open it and remove the rocket valve which looks exactly like this: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ksc-rocket-valve-for-usp-gbb-pistol-part-no-217-1.html#.Vli31PnhBhE


and its spring.


From there you install the NPAS valve (silver thing) back the same way as the rocket valve does and use the NPAS spring.


The tool is there for adjustment of the NPAS to up or lower the FPS.


Personally i found the NPAS to be a bit lacking in its promise, the old rocket valve used to give me a consistent 370FPS and 450FPS with the silencer, the NPAS though seem to make it vary wildly for my liking.


Nonetheless i plan to switch my vector back to the rocket valve when i can afford to get some CQB Russian HPA taps installed in all my mags when i go full HPA.

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