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well i went to Firesupport and....

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...... except trying not to ground the car on the road and my son telling me I needed the SAW and other support weapons oh and the garand haha....


I seem to like the ICS CXP-UK1 to be honest, felt nice in my arms, looked good and not to heavy.....no Tan in at time but black was nice....


held a few others as well as a G&G for weight, ok a little lighter but the rails were 'plastic' and put me off slightly....


ICS felt gooooooooooood......


so tempted by it, with extra mags, front grip, charger and 2 li-pos for around £300....


is that to much for a first AEG, considering its gonna be used min once a month or should I drop lower, its not that im gonna give up but feel this price would be better now than say 3 or 6 months time when I want to upgrade?....


ICS-160 CXP-08 was nice, as well as was the SCAR I saw and the CXP-15, CXP-16s...


Tan colour is nice, more bronze rails/front grip but more of a tan on the receiver....35/40m range?



didn't get to hold any M16s but that could be a sniper type mod to get me closer to hitting someone! haha


roll on 17th October!

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If you can afford it, buy whatever you're happy with and want rather than buy something cheaper that you don't really want with the view of upgrading it. However I do realise that not everybody can afford to splash out a lot of money up front so do go for this option.


Personally I'm the buy a good gun and leave it alone type of person.

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Spend as much as you can afford. If you buy the transform4 you wont need to upgrade it at all. If your only using it once a month or so it should last a couple of years before anything goes wrong. Ics gearboxes are one of the best stock boxes on the market at the moment.

Dont know why they dont have any tan ones in stock their website shows 12 and no black ones.

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You got 3 weeks to go.....

You may see something else inbetween now n then


End of the day its your gun & your money

The only person you have to justify it to is YOU

Well actually - the other half

Yeah - sorry m8, can't help ya there, they just don't get it

They will always think you should act a bit more mature and not spend so much on toy guns pretending to be soldiers

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cheers guys,

bit of time still but will need to be from FS due to being allowed it on my 3rd game to use (as long as they charge the batteries!)!, few others to look at in G&G and other brands, plus whether to get plastic or metal receiver...cxp-hog ive seen in the magazine they gave me....


yeah im sure I asked but not on at the shop today, maybe they have them else where?, still a few others in the other range in Tan/bronze on show and very nice in the flesh, at least black I can touch up the paint!


just got to decide if spend a little less or add it to credit card, depends on difference between the choice and keep it quiet and get more clubcard points**!!...at least I wont need to get another for a while...


mags though, just get a few more 300rd ones?, not sure I use more than hire gun mag and a half on first game and more about a mag for other half game...im not one for letting loose....


maybe get some small capacity ones?.....



still like the G&G ETU one with 3 rnnd burst on zeroone but need the UKARA first!


keep up the advice :)



** she can then double them and get a new dyson.....win win!

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I was fortunate to be able to go straight for the gun that I wanted, and after all the months waiting to buy my first RIF I did not plan having to compromise. Hopefully a decent brand/model will last several years and is good enough straight out the box without needing upgrades. Of course it is all the other kit for the gun that adds to the cost; extra magazines, sling mount and sling, scope and mounts, flashlight and batteries, fore-grip, rail covers, etc. But that is just pimping the ride. Sometimes spending a bit more for quality is better than taking second best, and saves the need to buy a second gun (yes, I know that is heresy to some to the forum) because your starter gun is not right. It really is a personal thing and what best suits you.

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yeah I have been 'restrained' on looking for pimp ideas but have them, trust me....of course need some mags just to fill those WAS pouches I bought!...haha


yeah that xcortech is nice, that will come, and only 40mins drive so can drop off for fitting if needed :)



son has said it has to be tan now, at least he has an idea of the range im looking at at not the SAW!

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Just my take.....


If you can go for metal ICS rather than plastic receiver

I'm only going by a 42w sportsline vs Combat Machine

(other plastic ICS "might" be better but this is just a comparison of 42w v CM)


The ICS Sport Line range seems to be the harder plastic that might be more prone to breaking in colder weather

G&G CM's use a slightly flexible polymer receiver that imho might - I say might not be so brittle in very cold weather

not gonna clobber tress on purpose for shatter test though but think it might be a little more sturdier than other hard plastic receivers


Other than that I was very impressed with my ICS 42W rating the starter £150 guns a very close second to CM's

CM's have a better range of M4 styles/ris etc....

I'm not so convinced with G&G's £200-£300 range most with gimmicky blow-back crap


So I still rate CM Starter's up to £150 ish or a little more for new SR range


When you get to £200+ well it is a whole new ball game as numerous others come into the equation

Both of these companies are well respected and pi$$ all over another Taiwan aeg - SRC

(SRC starters are $hit in comparison to the above mofo's)

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cheers Mr D, you do give some great opinions to a difficult subject!


luckily I have time :)


right google time while kids are out with wife!

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